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Kalotaszeg is one of the most peculiar region of Transylvania. It is interesting from geographical, historical and mainly ethnological point of view.
Features of Kalotaszeg: traditional villages where people wear folk dresses even today, hand made beading, stonework, reformed churches with hand painted coffers. Beside these the region ir rich in historical monuments and literary traditions.
Magyarvista is an important village of Kalotaszeg, with existing Hungarian folk traditions.
Inhabiants preserved the gorgeous folk dress, and they wear it on feasts.
Our village is 18 km from Cluj, being situated between two hills, and having a population of 700 people. With its wonderful folk dress, traditions, beautiful reformed church, lovely landscape and healthy air, it is looking forward to welcoming visitors.
All visitors can experience the hospitality of the local people, their delicious homely food and their culture.
Don’t miss the opportunity of experiencing village life, resting in a quiet environment, waking up at the sound of buffalo herd’s cowbells and cleaning your lungs with the fresh air.
Whenever you decide to visit us, we are always welcoming you!