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Program Offers

1. Visiting a decorated room, dressing up in traditional folk dree (duration: 1-2 hours)

2. Visiting the church, listening to the history of the church (duration: 1 hour)

3. Village tour by wagon (duration: 30 minutes)

4. Visiting a stone carving workshop (duration: 30 minutes)

5. Visiting a wood carving workshop (duration: 30 minutes)

6. Visiting a beading workshop (duration: 1 hour)

7. Folk dance teaching

8. Chimney cake kneading and baking (duration: 4 hours)

9. Goulash boiling in the nature and riding (duration: 6 hours)

10. Visiting a shed and tasting buffalo milk (duration: 30 minutes)

11. Milk-loaf or bread kneading and baking (duration: 4 hours)

12. Organising smaller traditional weddings and baptisms in the reformed church, organising any type of events

13. Folk song listening, teaching, singing, listening to old stories with lady Erdei Erzsi

14. Furinture painting

15. Hemp spinning

16. Lamb baking

17. Days of Magyarvista - Last Sunday of July

18. Organising programs in the region (Cluj, Turda)